Mrs Marianne Curtin

Mrs Marianne Curtin, FFF’s esteemed Financial (and indeed General) FFF Executive Manager, was murdered during November 2018.

Marianne was at home in her single storey house in a “safe” complex at the lower end of Atholl, Johannesburg, when she was attacked by intruders and stabbed in her throat, cutting her aortic artery.  The forensic specialist stated her death would have been virtually instantaneous.  Her home was ransacked but only cell phone, laptop and TV were taken.  She was only discovered a day later when family members could not make contact with her.

This was such tragic news!   Marianne was a lady of impeccable ethics and wide experience, and she had contributed enormously to the operations of the FFF. She had been a senior director in two corporate environments (bank and medical aid companies) in her professional life and, in her semi-retirement, she devoted her time to supporting both the Democratic Alliance and the FFF. The FFF owes Marianne a huge debt of gratitude for the many hours, days and weeks she has spent on FFF matters! We remember her with great affection and appreciation.
Her shoes are extremely difficult to fill.