World Coal AssociationCOP23 focuses on Paris rulebook

Business DayNo risk of Eskom running out of coal, says GM

Mining WeeklyCFBC the preferred coal combustion technology

Rosemary Falcon – University of the Witwatersrand
Overview of coal resources of Southern Africa and their unique qualities (5.74MB) Download 

Johan de Korte – CSIR Lesley Jeffrey – SRK
South African coal quality for IPPs (1.57MB) Download

Yusuf Haffejee – Marubeni
Successful coal IPPs for Africa: what is required (605.98KB) Download

Sisa Njikelana – Chairman, SAIPPA
Viability of power generation from coal in Africa – a political perspective  (1.26MB) Download

Tom Canning – Sebenzana
European perspectives on emerging Fluidised Bed Power Plant opportunities in South Africa (3.5MB) Download

Naushaad Haripersad – Eskom
Comparison between Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) and Pulverised Fuel Combustion (PFC) technology application in South Africa  (841.75KB) Download

Dave Collins – Mac Consulting
COP21 outcomes and the implications for South Africa’s energy future (1.41MB) Download

Warrick Stewart, Daryl Kilian – SRK
Overview of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) energy programme for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) (1.89MB) Download

Tom Garner – Cennergi
IPP experiences in South Africa (2.13MB) Download

Barry McColl – Eskom
The role of Eskom in future coal-based electricity generation (0.94MB) Download

Theo Fischer, Abdul Ibrahim – EScience
Emission limits of and waste disposal considerations for plant firing coal and plant co-firing with biomass or waste materials (2.82MB) Download

Theunis Meyer, Reece Alberts – Centre for Environmental Management, N.W. University
Critical environmental considerations for IPP coal power generators – reflections on environmental auditing at South African coal fired power stations  (1.64MB) Download

Brian North, Thomas Roos – Eskom
Carbon Capture and Utilisation (1.03MB) Download