To achieve the above, the Foundation undertakes the following:

  • Creation of a strong network within the coal, alternative fossil fuels and related energy sectors and those in the mining, production, heat and power generation, metallurgical and petrochemical industries
  • Maintains a centre to coordinate this national/regional forum of multidisciplinary professionals from government, industry and academia.
  • Hosts conferences and related events for the optimum transfer and exchange of state-of-the art technical information between all relevant disciplines in the fossil fuel and related energy sectors.
  • Manages and coordinates special projects
  • Promotes education at all levels for the benefit of the technical and lay public including government, industry, academia and schools’
  • Maintains an information centre for the distribution of relevant data in the coal, fuel and related energy sectors.
  • Contributes to the development of national strategic policies affecting the production and use in the fossil fuel and energy industries
  • Encourages clean coal technologies while recognising appropriate renewable energy options in all producer and user industries.
  • Promotes safe and efficient practice in the production, extraction and use of coal, carbon and alternative energy resources.