Membership Benefits

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The benefits of membership of the Fossil Fuel Foundation

Membership offers the following advantages:

Membership of an independent Trust-based organisation with wide interdisciplinary interests and exposure that provides:

Networking – association with key personnel and organisations in a variety of scientific, engineering, technical, financial, academic and government-linked disciplines throughout the fossil fuel and energy industries in Southern Africa

Maintenance of competitive edge - conferences, seminars, courses, lectures, meetings with overseas specialists and notifications of tender advertisements, policy developments and research and development projects

Information – specialised subject publications, notifications and documentation from national and international organisations including the IEA, World Coal Institute and other research centres

Communication – newsletters, websites, associated links and the circulation of notifications through the Foundation’s database

Education and Continuing Professional Development – undergraduate, postgraduate and in-service technical and non-technical courses aimed at personal development across a range of fossil fuel, energy and related disciplines

Career development – mentoring and association with experienced members and peers in the fossil fuel and related industries,

Representation – participation and/or contribution of individual members on government-led initiatives, project teams, policy and strategy boards and related activities

Reduced fees – for conferences, technical seminars and other events

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