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  • The World’s proven reserves of coal total about 860 billion tons (World Coal Association 2013)
  • This equates to close to 118 years of future supply at current levels.
  • Additional coal resources are 17.1 trillion tons, 17 times the current reserves. These could be further explored and developed depending on future trends.
  • Every year for the last 10 years world coal production has increased to meet growing demand.
  • In 2013, world steam coal production only increased by 1% to 5 979.3Mt.
  • All of this increase has been mainly in Indonesia 485.8Mt, China 3 034Mt and India 526.3Mt. China now accounts for 50.7% of the world steam coal production
  • World coal consumption in 2013 showed 3% increase over the previous year – due to the impact of the current economic recession.
  • China, the USA, India, the Russian Federation, Japan, South Africa, Korea, Germany, Poland and Australia account for 87% of the world consumption.
  • Export of all types of coal rose by 4.2% to reach a record of 1 333.3Mt