News Flash 2014

News Flash November 24 2014

Moneyweb Eskom expected to miss another Medupi deadline. Moneyweb has received reports from different sources at Medupi that the Christmas Eve deadline will not be met as it takes longer than Eskom anticipated to do the necessary testing and fine-tuning of several systems in preparation…
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News Flash October 28 2014

News Flash October 28 2014 Mining Weekly Underground coal gasification roadmap on the way – FFF Speaking at the FFF’s twentieth anniversary awards banquet, Falcon said the UCG initiative followed the finalisation under FFF auspices 18 months ago of the South African Coal Roadmap, a…
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News Flash October 8 2014

News Flash October 8 2014 Ventures Toshiba Strikes Geothermal Energy Deal With Ethiopia Following a signed Memorandum of Understanding, Ethiopian Electric Power and the Toshiba Corporation have entered into a broad partnership covering geothermal power and the construction of power plants. With about 24 percent…
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News Flash 18 September 2014

News Flash 18 September 2014 BDLive Focus on Medupi delays Kusile project ESKOM’s race to complete the first unit of Medupi and the reprioritisation of capital spending due to financial constraints had led to delays at Kusile as well as in connecting independent power producers…
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News Flash 1 September 2014

News Flash 1 September 2014 World Coal India facing acute shortage of coal India is facing an acute shortage of coal, as stockpiles of the black stuff fall to their lowest levels since mid-2012 – when millions of people were left without power in one…
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News Flash July 8 2014

News Flash July 8th 2014 Zimbabwe Independent Hwange Colliery eyes coal reserves ZIMBABWE’S largest coal producer, Hwange Colliery Company (HCC), has applied for additional mineral reserves expected to increase the mine’s lifespan by at least 20 years, a company official said. read more... New York…
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News Flash May 27 2014

News Flash May 27 2014  Africa Science News South Africa has Africa’s largest carbon footprint The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report reveals that South Africa is responsible for the majority of African's carbon emissions as a result of its coal-intensive energy production, and…
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News Flash April 23 2014

News Flash April 23 2014 Engineering News Afasa eagerly awaiting biofuels position paper publication, ready to participate The African Farmers Association of South Africa (Afasa) on Tuesday said it welcomed the announcement made by the Department of Energy that the final biofuels position paper would…
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News Flash April 8 2014

News Flash April 8 2014 Bloomberg Train as Long as Eight Eiffel Towers Lifts South African Coal In more than 40 years driving trains in South Africa, Jacobus Cornelius van der Merwe has never seen anything like the Shongololo. The train, whose name means millipede…
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News Flash March 24 2014

News Flash March 24 2014 Boston Globe Coal plants challenged by natural gas, tough regulations Competition from natural gas combined with increasing environmental regulations has made casualties of many of the nation’s aging coal-fired power plants, including Salem Harbor Power Station and Brayton Point in…
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