The Fossil Fuel Foundation

The Fossil Fuel Foundation (FFF) is a non-profit Trust made up of individuals from industry, government and non government organisations, academia and technology – all of whom have an interest in coal and energy. Multidisciplinary topics are covered including those in the coal producer and user sectors, clean coal technologies, alternative energies, conventional and unconventional gas, coalbed methane, health and safety, climate change and the environment. FFF conferences, academic and industrial courses and colloquia provide specialist information on these topics and the FFF membership provides a network throughout the entire coal, carbon and energy sectors both within South Africa and across the region.

The FFF is working towards a low carbon economy and, in so doing, is active in promoting the use of coal in the most responsible manner possible during the medium to long term period of transition to alternative base load energy sources.

In recent times the following actions have been taken:


  • INTERNATIONAL PANEL FOR CLIMATE CHANGE – FFF submitted an internationally acclaimed chapter compiled by a team of FFF specialists on methane in mines (early 2000s).
  • SOUTH AFRICAN COAL ROADMAP – FFF initiated this task in 2006, it was expanded in 2009 and finally published in 2013.
  • DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY – FFF was invited to participate in a Ministerial Round Table on IRP 2018 during 2018, speaking on Clean Coal and its role in South Africa (the only speaker of 14 to speak on coal). Several previous submissions (2010, 2013, 2016 were also submitted to the Dept of Energy).
  • PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE ON ENERGY – Through the kind offices of the Minerals Council of SA, the FFF was sponsored to deliver a Clean Coal presentation to the Parliamentary Committee on Energy in November 2018.


  •  WORLD COAL ASSOCIATION, UK – FFF is a member of the WCA as a “voluntary association”, it receives invitations to attend Board meetings and acquires all documentation, support materials and monthly journals. FFF was invited to participate in a WCA Round Table discussion in Johannesburg in 2018.
  • IEA CLEAN COAL CENTRE, UK – FFF is a member and has regular contact with the technical and administration staff, it acquires notices of events, regular news updates of global activities and invitations to relevant events. Keynote presentation by the FFF was invited at an IEA CCC Board meeting recently.
  • FUEL AND ENERGY FORUM (FERF), UK – FFF is a voluntary member of FERF, a UK-EU industry-academia association.
    This is an overarching umbrella body that hosts a number of sub-associations (working groups) specialising in R&D in different topics related to clean coal and its production, use and environmental impact. FFF’s events are advertised by the FERF and sent to their database while FERF information is circulated by the FFF when appropriate.


  • JOURNAL AND MEDIA ARTICLES – FFF staff and Council have written many articles on coal-and related
  • PROJECTS – FFF has provided a wide selection of specialist teams for consultancies in coal production,
    use and  marketing.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING – FFF collaborated with the Engineering Faculty at Wits in running a series of one-week block release industrial/Masters courses and provided all the specialist lecturers (over 80 specialists for 12 modules). These courses were run between 1995 and 2014. Shorter modules are now being hosted exclusively through the FFF.
  • CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS – FFF has maintained an annual programme of conferences and/or workshop events since the 1995, i.e. between 6 and 10 events across the disciplines have been convened annually since 2000.
  • PUBLICATIONS – FFF has not as yet published any books per se, but has links to those published elsewhere in South Africa, i.e. those most applicable to the coals and conditions in South Africa and the region.